Monday, 28 March 2011

My Love for Leopard Hijabs! (scarves)

If you don't know me by now I have this crazy obsession of leapord printed things...especially hijabs (scarves). Everytime I see a leopard printed hijib I can't stop myself from buying it! I don't even know where this obsession came day I woke up and I was in love :P lol This weekend I finally recieved my two new leapord print hijabs!! I got one in purple and the other in red! I'll be wearing my red leapord print hijab in my next Tag video to be released soon on youtube <3 All I need now is a hot pink leopard print hijab and I think I got all the leapord print hijabs I want and need :P If anyone knows where I can get a hot pink one please let me know!! I would really really appreciate it! lol Told you I have a crazy obsession!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Love my subbies!

Thank you to all my Subscribers for all your love and support! You guys mean so much to me!! This is my first blog post ever!! Yay! :D I have three followers already! aww you guys just made my day! <3  Will have more posts up soon!

Afreen aka. Marafy <3