Monday, 28 March 2011

My Love for Leopard Hijabs! (scarves)

If you don't know me by now I have this crazy obsession of leapord printed things...especially hijabs (scarves). Everytime I see a leopard printed hijib I can't stop myself from buying it! I don't even know where this obsession came day I woke up and I was in love :P lol This weekend I finally recieved my two new leapord print hijabs!! I got one in purple and the other in red! I'll be wearing my red leapord print hijab in my next Tag video to be released soon on youtube <3 All I need now is a hot pink leopard print hijab and I think I got all the leapord print hijabs I want and need :P If anyone knows where I can get a hot pink one please let me know!! I would really really appreciate it! lol Told you I have a crazy obsession!


  1. I think Pearl Daisy sells a pink one :) It's a Square scarf though >.<

    Also, Online Hijab Store also has an animal print mix one..


  2. I saw one at Ardene :P and they are 3 for $15 in toronto so im sure you will find something similar wherever you are <3

    1. where can I get them... i'm in the States and love them myself <3

  3. Love this hijab! Looks so lovely M'A :) x